Si-Yo friends, REGRETTABLY, due to health issues, I did not make it to the National Senior Games for 2015. Things will be better in the future, the bulls-eye is at the end of the tunnel.
I thank you for your continued support!
Look forward to hearing from me in 2016, to be back in the Bulls Eye! God Bless!

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Dr. Donald Noah DVM

LW Ranch

Dr.Theodore Kelley

In my discipline my vision is very important. In order to be the best you have to see your best. Dr. Leighton is the best!

Call for your appointment: 704-535-9252
Leighton Eye Clinic
A Family Practice Since 1956 Click here for Leighton Eye Clinic

Thank you to my Church Family Dr. Peter Wyns and Antioch International Church

Thank you to Pastor Mark DeVito and Cornerstone Fellowship Church

A warm Thank you to the best bassist in Charlotte - James Gregory!!!

Thanks to Chuck and Nancy DeRenzo!

A Special "THANK YOU" to all our friends and family who sponsored Little Big Eagle for the "NATIONALS" in Cleveland, Ohio in the summer of 2013!

A Heartfelt Thank You to my Uncle John Williams!
World's Greatest Hunter!!!

Thanks to Johnny & Diane Morris!!!

Thank you Brother Mark Anthony Muhammad for the Archery Equipment.

Thanking God for your health Skip,
that things are as well as they are! Amen!!!

A Special, Special Thanks to Brother Mandel Harvey aka "Boneshovel" of Boneshovel Sounds!!!

THANK YOU to my church members at Antioch International Church and my Pastor Dr. Peter Wyns!!!

A Special Thanks to Brother Ron Debideen!!!

InnerVision specializes in providing comprehensive recovery oriented resources and services, and supports the employment, education and wellness needs of individuals with psychiatric disabilities.

Kevin Marshall of Smiling Moon Guitars www.smilingmoonguitars.com

Thank you Dr. Donald Noah DVM!

Thank You Ms. Deborah Scott!!!

Thank You Devin Baucom!!!

Thank You Ms. Lisbeth Skala!!!

Thanks Pattie Gooch "We love you"!!!

Special Thanks Spacious Places Ministry!!!

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Chuck & Gloria Williams!!!

Thank You Sherry Fowler-Bernesser!!!

"WE GOT GOLD for 2012"
I would like to give special recognition to all my sponsors who had faith and believed in me!!!

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